We're excited to share our first music video for our first album Wanderlost!

We can travel the world in search of a million different memories but in the end, those moments that matter most all seem to share the same essentials. When we live with love in our hearts & float light on our feet, we'll always find that Place where we Belong!

Dedicated to my beautiful & talented young sister who's been the most incredible inspiration in the most difficult journey of our lives... The complete randomness of life has forever inspired me to create. I grew up in awe of my sister's dancing as she glided across the stage leading with real passion and true understanding of the meaning behind the words and sounds that musicians chose. "One day" I would tell myself, "one day", we'll show the world what love truly is and hope we can inspire others to believe in themselves like we have each other.

Directed by Kevin Cootauco, The Justin Kelly Experiment teams up with Producer/Dancer Chris Gallina and Professional Dancer Jessie Kelly to deliver a unique taste of the sites & sounds of what's to come next in this new wave of soul-inspired art!

Also... We had an absolute blast all weekend!!!

Belong (The Place) Official Music Video

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