Exclusive Wander Lodge Experience (Winter Edition)

Your Experience Begins...

Immerse yourself in the lyrics & melodies of our music & find ways to connect with us in more intimate settings as we launch our new Music by The Fire Events at The Wander Lodge this Winter/Spring! Quality time is incredibly important and we're excited to provide appetizers, homemade pizza, brunch, Live Music by the fire, DJ, walks in nature and creative activities to bring us all closer together!

I want to be in this Unique Experience!

We also have an exciting music video release on Saturday night March 21!

"Hang Around (Official Music Video)" off The Justin Kelly Experiment's first album 'Wanderlost' (2018), will be releasing on March 21, 2020 in front of a live crowd at The Wander Lodge. 

Here is the Hang Around trailer


We look forward to sharing this awesome experience with you at The Wander Lodge!

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