Interview with DJ Mark Xtreme from EJazz Radio available online 

Interview with DJ Mark Xtreme is available on Anchor FM by Spotify now!

Justin Kelly & Chris Gallina had a captivating conversation with Mark about music, life and positivity.

Check this podcast out and get to know Justin & Chris! Find out what is behind the music and how they, as individuals, got together to make such unique music!


A Conversation with The Justin Kelly Experiment



Interview with DJ Mark Xtreme at EJazz Radio 

Streaming live on the EJazz Radio in Uganda, catch Chris Gallina & Justin Kelly of The Justin Kelly Experiment talk life & music with DJ Mark Xtreme, this Tuesday March 16, 2021 at 1pm ET or 8pm EAT!

Full of passion and a lineup of new music to bring to the world, The Justin Kelly Experiment has been focused on improving the sound and composition they bring to their listeners while continuing to deliver Original Music & Stories 100% of the time.

Join Us Live Tomorrow at 1pm ET/ 8pm EAT 

West Coast Love Music Video OUT NOW! 

West Coast Love Music Video is now available on Youtube!


West Coast Love is an acoustic melody expressing a true love story of Justin's brother, Nate, and love of his life, Robyn.

As Love & Nature become one feeling in this song, this music video captures timeless moments of happiness, peace and love all inspired by the West Coast!

First performed as Robyn walked herself down the aisle in a breathtaking handmade dress, it was a difficult moment to hold back tears and emotions! Overcoming adversity and standing up for what you believe in are what drive Robyn & Nate's individuality every day, giving them strength to constantly strive for their dreams!

Special thanks for the incredible memories



West Coast Love OUT NOW! 

Our new single, West Coast Love, is out now on all platforms!


We are delighted to have this special song out for everyone to enjoy the chill West Coast vibes and raw love story behind the lyrics!


We are also releasing a music video on June 19th with gorgeous shots in British Colombia.


Stay Tuned! 


West Coast Love  

Great News! 

The Justin Kelly Experiment is releasing a single on June 12th on all platforms! 

West Coast Love is a song written and performed by The Justin Kelly Experiment, created for Justin Kelly's brother, Nate, & his beautiful wife, Robyn, as a way to commemorate their love story. Recorded with Producer/Engineer Chris Gallina at Stuck Studio, this acoustic melody paired with raspy vocals & a calming west coast vibe, is a meaningful song that chills you out while keeping emotions honest & vulnerable.   

West Coast Love also has an uplifting music video filmed in incredible locations near Whistler & Vancouver Island, British Columbia that be launching on our YouTube Channel, June 19th.

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HANG AROUND music video out! 

New Official Music Video for "Hang Around" is Now Live on our YouTube Channel! 

The world's full of it's little games and challenges. Do your best to dodge those bullets, "Hang Around" and be yourself... it'll get better when your attitude changes ; )

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Peace & love from our growing family of amazing people!

Exclusive Wander Lodge Experience (Winter Edition) 

Your Experience Begins...

Immerse yourself in the lyrics & melodies of our music & find ways to connect with us in more intimate settings as we launch our new Music by The Fire Events at The Wander Lodge this Winter/Spring! Quality time is incredibly important and we're excited to provide appetizers, homemade pizza, brunch, Live Music by the fire, DJ, walks in nature and creative activities to bring us all closer together!

I want to be in this Unique Experience!

We also have an exciting music video release on Saturday night March 21!

"Hang Around (Official Music Video)" off The Justin Kelly Experiment's first album 'Wanderlost' (2018), will be releasing on March 21, 2020 in front of a live crowd at The Wander Lodge. 

Here is the Hang Around trailer


We look forward to sharing this awesome experience with you at The Wander Lodge!

"Crazy" Live in Toronto featuring Cody Devilliers 

The Faculty of Sound Showcase in Jam Factory, Toronto, the room changes vibes with the wild sounds of their Unreleased Song "Crazy" by The Justin Kelly Experiment & talented guitarist Cody Devilliers! 

Prepare yourself for a lifetime of Original Music as the musical journey continues with New Music, Videos and Live Shows all around the world, writing, composing & sharing the stories of their lives & adventures along the way to discovering the strength in a true global community.


"Wanderlost" Live in Toronto featuring a choreographed dance  

Justin is accompanied by dancers Davison Treleaven & Shelby Sondej, who display incredible poise & emotion, during this Live performance of The Justin Kelly Experiment's title track "Wanderlost" off their First Album (2018) at The Faculty of Sound "Canadian Artists" Showcase May 2019 in Downtown Toronto!! 

Music & Dance are made for one another as this performance reminds us why it's important to blend art forms together to expand the message we're delivering with all original material! If we make the effort to find others along the same wavelengths & energies, what we can create as a collective is without a doubt life changing! 

Wanderlost and find yourself...


Our second music video is out now!

Filmed during the Fall, you'll see the colours changing in the beautiful area of Grey Highlands, Ontario. 

Experience The Wander Lodge in a whole special way as Kevin Cootauco flies through the forest & skies to capture incredible scenery, moments & movements that put Jess Kelly & Chris Gallina into their solo dance element once again in this incredible musical adventure that is Wanderlost!