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Interview with DJ Mark Xtreme from EJazz Radio available online 

Interview with DJ Mark Xtreme is available on Anchor FM by Spotify now!

Justin Kelly & Chris Gallina had a captivating conversation with Mark about music, life and positivity.

Check this podcast out and get to know Justin & Chris! Find out what is behind the music and how they, as individuals, got together to make such unique music!


A Conversation with The Justin Kelly Experiment



Interview with DJ Mark Xtreme at EJazz Radio 

Streaming live on the EJazz Radio in Uganda, catch Chris Gallina & Justin Kelly of The Justin Kelly Experiment talk life & music with DJ Mark Xtreme, this Tuesday March 16, 2021 at 1pm ET or 8pm EAT!

Full of passion and a lineup of new music to bring to the world, The Justin Kelly Experiment has been focused on improving the sound and composition they bring to their listeners while continuing to deliver Original Music & Stories 100% of the time.

Join Us Live Tomorrow at 1pm ET/ 8pm EAT